Dear members of Baptist Temple of Dundee,

On Friday evening, 01/15/2021, our beloved Pastor, Elton Ovitt, passed away due to complications with COVID-19 and he is now in the presence of His LORD and Savior, Jesus Christ.

This is a very difficult time for the entire Ovitt family and for our church.  So, let us all lift up the family and our church in prayer as we all go through this together.

As we move forward as a ministry, the church elders have asked Brother Michael Disney to perform the duties of "Interim Church Leader" until we are able to decide on a new pastor.  Also, the church leadership has decided to begin assembling again in the main sanctuary on Sunday, 01/17/2021.  However, there are some temporary changes to our regular routine to better protect ourselves during this COVID-19 pandemic...

*On Sunday mornings we will not have Sunday School, but rather, we will begin at 11:00AM. 

*Sunday evenings we will begin at 6:00PM, but will have a much shorter meeting time. 

*Wednesdays we will meet at 7:00PM and, like the other meetings, the services will be shorter in time.

There will now be Social Distancing and a No Contact rule that will be strictly enforced.  The main church building, including the sanctuary, will be professionally sterilized each week to help protect from COVID-19 and other viruses.  If health concerns become more prevalent, then we will immediately cancel meeting in person at church and will go to live stream devotionals.

If you are feeling sick, in any way, or have been ill, we must ask that you do not come to church in person for, at least, seven days of when you have recovered.  

For those who feel it would be much safer to stay at home, we want you to know that we respect your decision and invite you to listen and participate online by watching our services while they are streamed live on our website.

Again, this is a very mournful time for our church as we remember the life of our Pastor, so let us remember to pray for the Ovitt family and our members, but let us also rejoice in knowing that Pastor Elton is in a much better place now and waiting to see all of us again.

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