Founded in 1952

The Baptist Temple was started in a little house down the alley across from where it sits now. Pastor Jack Thomas was our first pastor. The first payment on the property was in July 1953. They broke ground in 1957 and completed in 1960. In 1981 Pastor Jim Lyle became pastor and during this time, we purchased more property which is how we expanded and were able to build our fellowship hall and day care center. In 2000 we had a vision to build a new building. We named it project 2007. Pastor Lyle 's dream was to build debt free, and retire upon completion, however in May of 2012 he retired after 31 years of faithful service. Pastor Ovitt is carrying on his vision by seeing this building completed.

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Former Pastors


Rev. Jack Thomas 



Rev. Dick Blevins 



Rev. Art Lynn 

1970-1972 & 1977-1981


Rev. Keith Eggert 



Rev. Jim Lyle 


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Baptist Temple of Dundee

204 Center Street

Dundee, FL 33838

(407) 924-3514